JimJAZZ Mouse Series

Each book features the “cool” JimJAZZ and many of his musical friends and tells children in a fun way, how the instrument plays and of the sound it makes. Every book also features the colours of the rainbow. The child, with the book, will be able to interact with JimJAZZ mouse on the website jimjazzmouse.com hear the instrument, watch a JimJazz mouse video and play games.
A two page history of the instrument is included at the end of each book for use by parent, teacher or the child.
JimJAZZ Mouse is a body of work conceived, created and written by David Hughes, with illustrations by Andy Everitt-Stewart and Jane Messore. David is a poet and artist and has published JimJazz mouse and the Rainblow (book & DVD) plus two adult titles.

About the Author

Author David Pierce Hughes is a poet and Artist who has developed the character JimJAZZ mouse to help children understand musical instruments and colour through an exciting story

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